February 20, 2012

Team Dave Starts Training in Anger for the Killer Mile..!

Big Screws holding together Doc Haynes' Collar bone! 
Team Dave's first cycling season of Sportives is nearly upon us and the training is now starting in anger in preparation for Cheshire Cat 100 miler in March including the dreaded Mow Kop Killer mile. The off-season has not gone without its glitches with Doc Haynes aka 'Bradley' going a complete pearler into a pot hole whilst riding one handed adjusting his chamois at full speed.....needless to say it was not a pretty result....one broken collar bone - ouch! Remarkably The Doc made a miraculous recovery and stayed in (semi) trim by riding one handed on his turbo trainer in the garage - there's commitment for you!

The Bees Knees - Everests' awesome Roubaix at £3k! 
 Other Team Dave members also started to step up to the mark. Expert hill climber Everest Hall started to lose his mountain climbing edge as other team members invested in higher grade machinery and their muscles started to develop. The gap was staring to narrow fast between Everest and the chasing peloton up the climbs, but not to be outdone and determined to keep his edge at any cost, Everest decided to cash in his premium bonds and invest in a top of the range carbon cruise missile -  a Specialized Roubaix no less with a full Ultegra gearbox; a snip at nearly 3 grand!! Needless to say, even with this ultra high grade equipment, the gap continues to narrow and it remains to be seen who will wear the King of the Mountains jersey at the end of the Killer Mile!

Slipstream Read Tries to Control his Steed at
the 70 mile Watlington Training ride in -3 C!
The increasing dedication to the Killer Mile cause by Team Dave has been impressive to say the least and for those people who watched the Frozen Planet, they may have spotted Slipstream Read on the horizon next to the polar bears as he braved a 70 mile training ride in Watlington in temperatures of -3 deg C. Even with double, triple, quadruple or more layers of his finest lycra the frost bite continued to eat away at him until eventually, at 69 miles, he capitulated after fantasising over Hot Chocolate for 2 miles! Thankfully Slipstream re-mounted his new Carbon Focus steed and made the finish line - albeit almost a broken man...

Ferret Lewis in Hiding from the Peloton during the
Winter Months - Will he be at The Cat...??
Strangely we have not heard a squeal from The Ferret Lewis but this can possibly be explained by a ferrets necessity to bulk up and slow down during the winter  months - a sort of semi hibernation. So we expect The Ferret to surface shortly from his cardboard box and start to peel off the News of World insulating layers to make it onto the Cheshire Cat starting grid...knowing the man, he will be as fit as a Butchers Knife when he hits the grid and rumour has it, he has employed a Personal Trainer at his northern abode...?!

Anyway....D-day is fast approaching us and after a few 50-60 mile runs Team D will be out in nearly full force at the Banbury Star Cycling Club 100k Reliability Ride on Sunday 26th. This should be a good test of both lycra, stamina and riding strategy as the the Team aims to drag itself around the course in less than 4 hours to beat Doc Haynes' PB from 2011......(See the course below and cheer us on!)

Bring it on and keep taking the tablets!