April 03, 2011

Testing, testing 123...Mallory Park Track Day

Two bikes to manage makes for a busy day!
A quick update from the first ride of the Yamaha R6 at Mallory Park on a track day, plus a few laps on the Suzuki GSX1100 stocker.

Conditions were dry, windy and cool and after the tedious briefing session from the track day company the R6 was wheeled out on cold tyres - no time to fit the warmers. A few laps later came a bit of a surprise when the throttle stuck open out of the 125 mph+ Gerrards, but thankfully hitting the kill switch curtailed the beast and with clutch in, rolled to a halt at Edwinas - slightly unnerving. A bit of spannering to check if the throttle cable had dislodged at the carbs indicated there was no problem and on re-assembly the issue seem to have cleared.

The stocker ran - lumpy, but ran...
In the meantime the next session was called so with a few pushes the old 1100 stocker managed to fire up and hit the track. With the fueling mods in place the beast managed to keep going, although the carburation was about as smooth as a hump back whale - going from 3 to 4 cylinders seemingly randomly. On a positive note is kept going in a very lumpy way so maybe with some dyno time, might actually be race-able.  In any event, it has been entered into the EMRA round at Mallory on 10th April so hopefully I can get it properly set up before then.

With the R6 reassembled and with moderate confidence the sticking injectors had been resolved, it was wheeled out for another session but this time the throttle stuck at 14k RPM on the main straight - mmmm, time to pull over an park the machine for the day it disappointingly seemed. However it transpired on closer inspection a loose bolt on the quick action throttle had worked loose and was preventing the throttle closing intermittently.  The said bolt was removed and then all looking good.
Severe tear on the Racetec - needs sorting quick!

With a semi-race face on it was time to push for a few decent laps and after going past the fastest lady rider at the Isle of Man, Maria Costello, a big near highside out of the hairpin sent a shock wave and the throttle rolled off. Closer inspection of the rear tyre revealed some serious destruction of the Metzeler Racetec indicating some adjustments to suspension and tyre pressures is required. Frankly I'm not sure whether it's cold or hot tear but need to get advice before race day to sort it. The tyre was pretty worn anyway so a new set of Pirelli Supercorsa's have been ordered.

All in all though a good day. A long way off the pace on the R6 and really struggling against fellow club racers and probably only a best lap of 1m - about as quick as my best lap on the 750 stocker. Nevertheless, with some mods to the handlebar position to give more room on the bike, removal of the hugely restrictive inner leggings worn under the race leathers which prevented any leg movement (!), then provided it's dry should be able to get a second or two off the R6 lap when really going for it. The GSX11 will be just a question of suck it and see.

Entry to Gerrards - Where have all the bumps gone?!
New track surface at Mallory was a smooth
as a billiard table!

So...onto race-day and the entry form has gone off for the 600 Roadstocks to race the R6 and also for the Earlystocks 1100, so need to get to the gym quick to be fit enough for 40 laps of racing plus 20 laps of practice on April 10th!!!!

Cheers for now.

Steve Long