March 21, 2011

#223 Bikes Are Getting Closer...!

The Yamaha R6 is nearly ready for a spin at an EMRA Roadstocks race at Mallory Park...plan is to compete in the April 10th  round providing some test time can be found beforehand! The R6 has only had one outing in 2010 at Silverstone and since then has been fettled slightly to meet the Roadstocks rules with a rear brake light, working horn, number plate holder and appropriately coloured number scheme.Thanks to Martin at S&M Motorcycles who once again came to the rescue to 'hot wire' the LED light and horn system. In addition a Quick Action throttle has been fitted and just an oil and filter change. All it needs now is the sag set up for a ''chunky rider'' - it was way too soft at Silverstone and grinding out the fairing on nearly every turn - on checking, pre-load was almost at the softest setting - so much for 100% Suspension who were paid £50 at the track day to set it up!!

The Earlystocker is still really hit and miss. Quite a few bits have been done on the machine with a few still to do; namely: straight bars with different top yolks fitted, some 30mm rear shock extensions to lift the rear end and speed up the steering (thanks Simon), pre-load re-set back to standard to soften up the rear, a pingel hi-flo fuel tap fitted to speed up petrol flow rates; various bolts heli-coiled, oil and filter and the seat mountings sorted. Still to complete however is a refresh of the fork seals, fitting of some trick blanking units to replace the anti-dive units (thanks Nigel) and fresh fluid; in addition the clutch basket needs filing out to smooth up the clutch operation and try to reduce clutch slip plus it needs a run on the dyno to sort the fueling. This shouldn't take too long but ideally the clutch basket needs removing from the primary drive unit and race strength (green) springs fitted to reduce clutch whip and hence reduce slip (a big issue on the Stocker). This requires either a new primary drive or grinding off the existing basket from the primary drive gear and then re-welding with the new springs fitted. In all probability I won't get around to this, so will give it a go with the standard springs to get it running and sort the clutch later.

Anyway. That's the update. Hopefully there will be a race report soon to see how I faired against the various Roadstocks race bikes including R1s, GSXR1000s, R6's and various other modern sportsbikes.

By for now!

Steve Long