July 20, 2010

Double wins for Team S&M at Three Sisters

A proud Moldy...
Just two riders made it the to Three Sisters circuit - Mold and Steele. Long stayed at home to watch The Open, try to get this pathetic 17 golf handicap down and go shopping! Seemed like it was a good meeting - well sort of. Moldy captured his first 750 win on Saturday in the wet - CONGRATS! And Steely bagged a win on Sunday - CONGRATS.

I can't really tell a humorous story because Moldy's description of the weekend was so downbeat I can't think of any related jokes. His summary was:
  • Rained on and off all weekend
  • Started great with a win and a trophy
  • Bike went onto 3 cylinders so didn't start race 2
  • Slept in the van for two nights covered in oil and smelling like he'd just come off a long shift from the chip shop
  • Steely wouldn't go for a pint and had an early night cuddled up to his oily teddy bear
  • Bike wouldn't run again on Sunday (only 3 cylinders....sounds ominous)
  • Sat in the rain watching, and no one wanted to talk to him because the strange aroma
  • Long drive home, 300 quid worse off but at least with a plastic cup!
Here's another pic anyway....!

Pete Steele takes the win...!