June 17, 2010

Cadwell Park - First Run of the Cooley Rep

And they're off - Longy blags it to the front of the grid!
First time out on the GSX1100 Cooley rep revealed a bunch of issues, so unfortunately only 0.5 laps of racing were completed all weekend!

On the plus side, Pete Steele - newcomer to the S&M team and riding Longy's 750 Kawa steed from 2009, had a great weekend and is getting quicker all the time. Runner up spot in the Earlystocks 750 championships is well within reach of hunk 'Steeley' me thinks. Moldy, more from apathy and an aversion to the curves of Cadwell Park than
mechanical failings, rode around steadily at the back, driving the bends like he was on his old police Pan Euro bike. Having said this, he was a lot quicker than Longy on the GSX1100 - a new riding technique is required to ride this big lump!
Moldy - Great wheelie over the mountain

Here's a quick list of things to fix on the 1100 Cooley rep before the next run out:

- The rider! (Two new knees should help - just had a double knee anthroscopy!!! But hopefully back for the Mallory round...maybe)
- The clutch: It burnt out to frazzle on the sighting lap of race 1 and I lost all drive to the back wheel; clutch had been slipping through the Friday practice then finally went 'pop'
- Fuelling: Constant dropping to 2 & 3 cylinders was likely caused by an in-line fuel filter causing an air block; this was removed and a new hose fitted
Burnt clutch plates!
- Footrest position: The pegs were positioned so far back you needed a body like an ape to ride the thing and couldn't get any weight through the footrests to turn the beast; fix is reattach the rearsets some 6'' further forward so knees can go down easier to judge ground clearance
- Forks: Severe pattering at the front end did not provide confidence; fix is likely to be soften them up by removing preload and maybe reduce some fork oil
- Throttle play: Way too much cable slack caused difficulty controlling power; this can be fixed by reducing play at the carbs.

Steelie - Racing on no wets!
Longy is feeling confident however for the next run out (if above fixed) and should be much more on the pace - if she runs!

Bit of a short write up this one as too much work nowdays - but well done to the rest of the Earlystocks chaps. A lot of good rides across the board in wet and dry!

Longy struggling with the rearset position - designed for a jockey!