April 21, 2010

UPDATE on "Season Delayed - A Few Gremlins Hit Team S&M...!!"

Latest Update on GSX1100 Cooley Rep:

With the S&M team boss totally snowed under as business has boomed at S&M Motorcycles (great!), almost zero time has been available to try and fettle the GSX1100 into race trim. Consequently, Longy has been in DIY mode and whilst managing to get the lump of lard running, the replacement clutch was still dragging heavily. After a couple of almost zero speed offs trying to bump it with a semi-locked clutch, one broken ignition system later and cracked crankcase means she's still a non-runner. In fact she looks a shadow of the original gleaming bike - but we can rebuild her! In desperation, the bike has now been shipped to Straightline Racing, the UK specialists in GSX1100 based drag bike engines and tuning. Fingers crossed they can get it race ready for at least the 2nd half of the season. Bits to fix and sort before being race-able are:

- Resolve clutch drag (worn grooves likely issue)
- Fit new clutch cable
- Repair/ New Dyna Ignition and timing set up
- Repair to broken crankcases
- Weld rear sub-frame at tailpiece for strenthening
- Fit crash protectors
- New race pads fitted
- Set up Scitsu Tacho (stolen off Moldy's bike!)
- Fit rev limiter (depending on costs!)
- Cooley rep tank now repaired (cut, welded, repaired where rotted and pain all cleaned out); Petseal tank sealant ready to go in
- Tank, touch up where paint burnt during welding (Botch job!)
- Fit seat unit
- Painted tail fairing to be attached somehow (not worked out how yet!)
- Fit new Metzeler rear race tyre
- Fill with engine oil, and general health check all round, ready for racing
- Try and buy some starter rollers (bump starting is a right PITA!)

Broken Primary Clutch Drive!

Petrol tank internals were
not conducive to petrol engines!