September 08, 2009

Darley Moor - SandM Play Dirty!

Dirty Tactics...
With Team Muckas #1 rider Mad Myatt still laid up with a broken collarbone, it suddenly dawned on Team S&M there could be an outside chance of Moldy sneaking 2nd in Earlystocks championship!!! This could be awesome - finishing 1st AND 2nd in the champ would be better than a night with Claudia Schiffer. Anyway, this was not going to be straightforward and some sacrifices had to be made for the team.

A quick calculation meant that Moldy needed to win the 750 class races at both Darley and the next round at 3 Sisters to catch Mucka Mad. With the championship sewn up, this meant that Longy could deviously drop out of both rounds with a mysterious virus, twisted ankle, runny nose or something like that. This gave Moldy a clear run at the title runner up spot.

Race 1
Not having the racing brain in and needing to get up at the crack of dawn to make practice, meant Longy stupidly programmed in any old Darley Moor into the sat nav only to end up at a car boot sale surrounded by sheep in a tiny village, coincidentally called "Darley Moor". Unfortunately NOT the one with the cheese shaped racing circuit - in fact over 25 miles from it! After haring though the dreaded moors at no more than 25mph average in convoy with about 300 campers and pensioners, Longy arrived at the cicuit having missed watching practice but in time for race 1.

At the front race 1 was fairly predictable with Tom Benford (Suzi 1170), Alec Gilfilan (Suzi 1170) and Bob Chambers (Suzi 1100) finishing top 3 - running pretty much like that from start to finish. The remaining riders were also fairly spread but most importantly Moldy WON the 750 class receiving an impressive #1 cup to go on the mantlepiece - finishing 5th outright . All credit as well goes to Mark Emuss on the LC250 #316 - on what is the biggest power circuit in the UK, to finish 4th outright on that tiny machine is beyond belief - amazing! So, a good start to the day for Team SandM.

Race 2
With cloulds looming, the weather, whilst windy, fortunately stayed dry. And having told Alec Gilfilan and Tom Benford to get their act together and lay on some entertainment at the front for the crowds they seemed to take this on board for race 2. Tom once again got a flying start, but Alec taking some very smooth and tight lights around the bends seemed to catch him around the twisty bits. Watching at the hairpin, this was building up to be a good dice when unfortunately Alec's bike went pop - battery, electrical malfunction or something and game over. Same for #202 Aidy Brennan (see right)! Tom carried it to the line with his bike sounding a bit sick to take the race and the 1300cc Earlystocks championship - nice work!

The entertainment however was further downfield with two dices going on: Moldy and Bogwit Rob #219 on the single cyclinder 600cc and also Cass Beardmore #234 on a 400 Yam two stroke and Bob Green on the 750 suz- new to track riding this year. This was excellent viewing as both groups braked and out braked into the hairpin every lap - in fact Moldy and Bogwit Rob almost touching each lap as they converged on the brakes. Great stuff! Ultimately Moldy beat Rob-Bog to the line by just a few hundredths and Cass (the club chief) taking Bob Green #270 by a few seconds in the end.

But importantly...another 750 class win for Moldy finishing 5th outright in the race. This narrows the gap to just 19 points to catch Mad for 2nd!

Dirt Tactics Continued
Longy will be bowing out of 3 Sisters (golfing in Norfolk beckons!), so Moldy needs to close the deal and gain maximum points in both races there to nudge into 2nd spot by 1 point ahead of Mucka Myatt. Then it's down to the final round at Mallory. Will Mad Mucka make it? The old bones don't seem to be knitting too well..... Can Longy get the few points he needs to take the EMRA Championship as well as the Earlystocks? Can Moldy hold the plot together to finish the job....s

The tension is building for the final two climatic rounds at 3 Sisters and Mallory. Book your tickets now!!!

750 Modified Championship Points