August 18, 2009

Mallory Park - Apathy and Ecstacy....

Moldy doing a post-race burn out
After sunbathing for over a week in Portugal apathy had completely set in - both for Blog writing and riding the bike....However Race 2 was a different matter!!!!!!!

Practice and Race 1 Apathy
1. Couldn't be bothered fixing the electrical issues from 3 Sisters, (but thankfully our major sponsor S&M Motorcycles chief, Martin Strong came to the rescue - thanks a million Martin!!)

2. Couldn't be bothered changing the 3 Sisters gearing even though it was obvious it wouldn't work for Mallory (was revving out in top before exit of Gerrards in practice but couldn't be bothered changing it for race 1...)

3. Couldn't be bothered ringing Moldy to go up to Mallory in the van together, so we went seperately

Flat out on the back straight at Mallory
4. Moldy couldn't be bothered getting his bike out the van since the last round at Mallory!!!

5. Race 1 results reflected the apathy with Longy finishing 3rd (gifted after Bob Chambers binned it a Edwinas) and Moldy finished further down - whatever that was - I'm too apathetic to look at the timesheet but he said he beat his best lap time - congrats Moldy.

6. What I did see though was a great battle up front - shame Bob binned it as he may have won the race...

Race 2 - Ecstacy!

Pete Scott somehow inspired Longy to try and get out of the apathy bunker and give it a go in Race 2. 
  • Gearing was changed to Mallory set up (thanks for the help from Banbury Police Force attending).
  • Under-arm deodorant was sprayed on (thanks Bob Green for the loan - looks like race 2 was a cracker for you with Dan Bullin?!).
  • The battery was charged (thanks Pete Stringer for loaning the Genny)
  • The brakes were bled (thanks to Dan Bullin)
And all hell let loose...Every lap was elbow bashing, touching of bikes, cat and mouse overtaking and amazingly the final lap plan worked to take an outright win at the chequered flag - without a doubt, a CAREER BEST victory over the bigger bike. 
On the tank gassing it into the last lap for 1st spot...

Fantastic Race - Longy & Benford battle for 1st spot

..into Edwinas, elbows bashing Longy goes for the inside line
Longy has to back off as it's clear it will all end in tears... least for one lap!

...But Benford has to ride Moto-X style to make the exit of Edwinas...!
With one lap to go, Longy figured he could sneak underneath Tom on the exit of Gerrards -then run out wide on the exit to block him going into Edwinas...(slight hitch as we had to swerve around Pete Stringer through the esses)...then planned to block the inside line going into the hairpin...then take the bus stop flat out which meant taking off over the exit curbs....And then tuck in like crazy for the final run to the line out the Elbow whilst gassing it up until the rear end was sliding......phew!
Touching elbows and bikes nearly every went down to the wire...
Helped a bit by Tom missing a gear on the exit of the bus stop - must have been the extreme pressure :) The old Kwacker 750 stayed ahead to the chequered flag....Awesome! An outright race win for S&M!

Moldy had a bit more of a parade lap race as he had gapped the bikes behind and in front to finish 4th 750 - BUT getting some good championship points to secure his current 3rd place overall.....come on Moldy!

Alec deserves a mention as he hit the grass on lap 1, then dusted himself off to carve through the field to finish 3rd. Nice one!
Tight racing around Gerrards

Anyway. Bit of a brief (apathetic) blog this one). In actual fact, according to Team S&M's calculations that could be the Earlystocks Championship sewn up now poor old Mucka Mad Myatt is still off with the 3 Sisters broken collar bone. When I get some energy I'll tot up the points.