June 01, 2009

Mallory Monsoon...!

Monsoon conditions hit Mallory Park in Leicestershire for Rounds' 3 of the EMRA & Earlystocks championships. A true test of rider skill and nerve to navigate these big 1980's designed lumps around the track without full wet racing tyres - this was no trivial task.

Championship Points Explained
The separate EMRA (East Midlands Racing Association) championship is run over 6 rounds, all at Mallory Park with the last round counting double points and the Earlystocks championship over 13 rounds at various circuits - of which two of your worse rounds can be dropped - Get it!! Both championships have classes for 1300cc, 750cc, 250cc and 500c. The EMRA champ is well worth winning because the winners get their cups handed out at the gala night by the likes of racing super stars John Reynolds and Cal Cruthlow - awesome. Team S&M is really after this one.
Current standings are:


Steve Long 90

Neil Myatt 68

Jonathan Mold 48

Colin Young 44

Rob Paget 36

Daniel Bullin 21

For the outright win, even though Longy qualified nearly a second fastest in practice than Tom "The Boy" Benford. Ex moto-crosser Benford is a like the Rainmain when it comes to wet weather racing. And as the heavens opened for race 1, Longy knew the odds were stacked against him so decided to focus just on a 750cc class win. Moldy impressively, improved massively on his best lap time by over 2 seconds as he's starting to get the hang of riding the big metal GPz750 dinosaurs. Results were pretty much as predicted, although another demon wet weather racer and ex-crosser, Rob Paget on his Yamaha 600 (racing in the EMRA 750 champ) has erroneously been overlooked and Rob played a great hand to just miss out - Longy just holding him off by 2 seconds to the line ahead of Neil "Mad" Myatt and Moldy on the other 750's. Moldy had been having a great dice with the Pink Panther Mark Emuss- reputed to be "gay curious", flying on his little Yamaha 250LC....and Mark just whipped Moldy to the flag but a 7th place finish was step in the right direction.

Race 2
With conditions drying, the road legal Avon wet rear tyre was swapped back to the dry Pirelli rear. However, in true blighty fashion, the heavens decided to open just before the start of the race - not quite the monsoon of race one but pretty grim nevertheless. Moldy, feeling much more confident after his earlier performances decided he was going for gold and as the red lights went out he nailed it on a soaking track. Regrettably on a soaking track, he gassed it a bit too much on a wearing rear tyre out of the esses as he lined up Mad Myatt and Longy for an overtake and nearly high sided the bugger - this gave him a serious spell of the jitters and from then on he was a shadow of his former self.

Again the star of the show was Rob Paget #219, on his rumbling Yamaha 600 twin. Nipping constantly at the heels of Longy for the duration of the race, Longy had to literally bite his lip, move way out of his comfort zone to hold on for a win to the line. This resulted in a race quickest lap of 1m 10s, (amazingly Andy "Jacko" Jackson race pace - who is the Rossi of Earlystocks racing) - which was pretty awesome and some 2 seconds quicker than previous wet laps of Mallory on the stocker. Rob being very close to this with a 1m 11s. Moldy, much like Mad Myatt running 2nd in the champ, unfortunately had both been freaked by sliding rear ends leaving Moldy in 12th spot.

Edwina Bites Back
Edwina's esses are notorious for throwing people off at the exit. The road drops away on an inverse camber just when you gas it up to full throttle for the Lake Esses - unfortunately poor Pete Stringer #229 was bitten by the Wicked Lady of motor sport. Thankfully Pete surfaced smiling but dusty with some bent bits to repair but we should see him out soon.

Thanks Ed..!!!
A major, major thank you goes to Eddie - who, after Longy had actually retired from race 1 thinking his head gasket had blown - pointed out it was just a bit of WD40 that had been sprayed on the engine and to stop worrying and just get out there and race it! It worked...and the points were saved. Thanks a million Ed!