May 05, 2008

Cadwell Park...Last Man Standing......

A rift occurs at Team S&M... in a scene resembling Reginald Perrin's famous desertion, Moldy throws his toys completely out the van at Cadwell and heads off to Skegness beach with the parting words:

"I'm selling up Longy...I'm selling the van Longy......I don't want your help Longy....I don't care whether I see you or another GPz750 again in my life Longy - you're on your own...."

The duff stocker had finally broken the man and the curtains are drawn on the Earlystocks racing club.

Sad, despondent but encouraged by the support of the Longy family (Katie and wifey Juliet) to keep the remnants of Team S&M going, Longy reluctantly wheeled his flaky green machine onto grid.

Race 1
A lonely second spot for Longy (pushed back to 3rd due to a 10 second jump start penalty!) where once again Andy Jackson left the field for dead on his 1100 Suzuki . A 750 class win nevertheless.

Moldy broke down....and watched from the marshals box

Race 2
Starting from near the back of the grid this was going to be a tough one and it was....a tremendous dice for second spot with Mad's #275...(almost) ran all the way to the line. Relentless overtaking from both sides thankfully put on a good show for the spectators. The ultimate 2nd place spot...(Andy Jackson's 1100 clearing off again to win)....and first spot in the 750 class race, could have gone either way - this was Earlystock racing at its best. Unfortunately, in the heat of the chase Longy ground through his engine cover to sprout a major oil leak on the penultimate 9th lap depositing oil around the entire circuit - Ooops! Fortunately the gap to 4th was big enough though to get past the line at 30mph and Mad took a great class win - shame it couldn't have gone down to the wire....

(Photo on right - After a titanic on track battle, Mad and Longy kiss and make up...)

Moldy broke down flagged this time....

Thanks to everyone for coming and supporting.........

This is truly the end of an era. Team SandM started with 3 riders: Vimto, Moldy and there is just 1......things will never be the same again without's a sad day :(

(Picture on right - Moldy raises a glass of Chardonnay to celebrate his retirement)

or do we have a new recruit to the team...?