April 17, 2008

A Darley Thriller Thanks to S&M Motorcycles...

Martin Strong, the S in sponsor S&M Motorcycles, applied his genius to fix the clanking ZR7 motor just hours before Round 3 at Darley Moor. Thanks Martin! And it was worth it...a neck and neck dice in race 1 with the giant 1,170cc stocker of Nigel Griffiths went down to the wire.

Team S&M just nudged pole position in qualifying, but the heat was definitely on to overcome a 60bhp disadvantage on the power circuit of Darley Moor with its long straights. And the racing was close... Alternating the lead every lap Nige just got ahead with a couple to go coming into the final right hander....but his engine hit the deck running him wide so Longy nipped ahead. Nige's extra power however zipped the bike ahead on the main straight and it was only a slightly dodgy out brake into the hairpin, requiring taking to the grass!...that got Longy's green meanie ahead to hold it to the line. A real thriller of a race.

Unfortunately race 2 was less exciting. After the gear shift had dropped off beforehand in the support race the gremlins well and truly kicked in when Longy noticed oil was splattering over the rear tyre at the end of the warm up lap (Note - the devious duo of Martin & Chas knew about this already and sneakily wiped oil off the machine before so Longy wasn't psyched out!). Figuring that by taking it easy on the lefts and pushing hard on the brakes and right-handers, he might just gather a few points for the champ, Longy was surprised to find himself in the lead after two laps....but it was short-lived. The boot sliding off the foot rest indicated the oil spray had turned into a slick BP would be proud of - oil was everywhere - and it wasn't long before the black flag came out and the marshals brought him in. This time an oil cooler leak - so back into the S&M workshop she goes...a well deserved win for Team Mucka though on another GPz750.

Moldy threatens retirement after incessant mechanical problems and refuses to come to Darley. This may be the end of Team S&M as we know it....

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