January 02, 2008

2008 - Forget Christmas Stockings it's time for Earlystocking!

A new plan for 2008. Sadly the Hornet and CB500's are sold and a new era awaits in the Earlystock Classic Racing championship. Team SandM have acquired two green meanie Eddie Lawson replica's to race in the Earlystocks 750 championship. This is retro racing at it's best and Team SandM will be out there campaigning for the title against the grayest beards on the race track. We are hoping on sponsorship from Stannah Stairlifts, Viagra and Grecian 2000 to keep us going through the season.

The bikes have been built meticulously by Ian Sinclair (aka Janice - shown with fag below). Ian's a veteran classic racer who runs a Harris 750 in the Classic Racing Club championship and claimed building the Eddie replica "stocker" was probably his worst nightmare since taking a job in Liverpool.....

Mold's bike (right) is pretty much ready to go and just needs a good run to blow away the cobwebs and bit of engine tweaking to get it firing correctly. Both bikes date back to the 1970's, although Long decided on a newer but slightly less powerful 750 engine plant to reduce the maintenance overhead (these bikes can leak oil and blow up frequently!). The bikes will be tested at Mallory in February and raced on 2nd March again at Mallory. This will be an interesting experience after racing only modern machinery for the last four years!
A quick addition to this blog....the second Kwacker arrives from ace earlystock builder Pops Sinclair - and what a beauty (see #4 bike photo above). Flat slide carbs, a pukka Kerker 150dB exhaust (to keep the neighbours happy!) and superb spray job. The bike looks "bob on" as the creator would say - and if it rides as good as it looks we should be on the money.