October 17, 2006

Mallory Sept 06 - Back on the Road Again!

Steve Long #4, - Longy qualifies reasonably well in 6th against a mix of 27 Hornets and 400's. But breaks his personal best with a 59s, 83.5 mph average lap. Things are looking up considering he's not stepped on the bike since April - but the leaders soon start to disappear over the horizon once the lights turn to green...

Jon Mold #40 - Meantime in the CB500's, Moldy, as a highly respected member of the Grand Met Police force, forgets he can exceed the limit and cruises off the line in the wake of the leading pack....

Realising there are no speed cameras at Mallory Park, Moldy gets his head down, only to come across #22 , another plod, who has also forgotten its a no limits race day. Jon rides around the outside, and miraculously out breaks him with his 10 year old brake pads into Edwina's. The crowd go wild!

Longy (the 5th bike) meantime looks ahead at a yellow bike wishing he was that slim, that young and that yellow. Sadly the gap widens as he passes the chequered flag 3rd in the Hornet class. Punching the air, thinking he had picked up some silverware, he was chuffed, only to find that New Era had tightened their budget and only hand the silver egg cups out the first two riders (how tight is that!)

Meantime, thinking it's in the bag, Moldy shifts back into rush hour traffic mode. Sitting bold upright on the exit to Gerrards, thinking of what he's having for tea, PC #22 makes a dash and nips him to the flag.

Chief Engineer and Team Manager - Martin Strong Man, buys a copy of Carol Valderman's slimming book "Detox for Life" and we all head down the gym in our Lycra outfits. Watch out for the next installment at Brands Hatch to see if it paid off.....

PS. see the video... click here